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Distinguishing Between the Good and the Bad

There are some simple tricks that you can use to help you distinguish between the good and the bad online gambling portals. There are far more reputable, fully licensed online gambling portals than there are unlicensed ones, the latter of which are often referred to as rogue gaming sites, rogue casinos, rogue online casinos, fake gaming sites, fake online casinos, scam casinos, or words to that effect.

All you need to do is scroll down towards the bottom of the homepage when you visit a gambling portal and you should be able to find a logo of the licensing authority which has issued that operator with its gaming license. NEVER play in an unlicensed gaming site because they are just out to rip you off. When you find the logo of, for example, the Gambling Control Commission, clicking on this link will redirect you to the licensing authority’s website.

Visiting this website which you have been redirected enables you to find out for sure whether or not the gaming site is in fact licensed by that particular authority. The problem with rogue gaming sites is that they have been known to use the logo of a reputable licensing jurisdiction when in fact they are not licensed by them at all and this is why you should always be vigilant before handing over any of your personal details and before depositing any of your hard-earned cash. Although this is quite rare, it has happened so be aware.

You can also distinguish between the good and the bad by reading several different reviews for the same particular site that you are hoping to sign up to. If 90%+ of the reviews are sounding positive, you can pretty much guarantee that it’s a safe place. The best thing to do would be to cross reference several reviews for just one gaming site before you actually register an account.

The very best sites are controlled by some of the most trusted names in the online and offline gambling industry, so you should also try to carry out your own research into who actually owns the site before signing up.

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